I am helping seniors....

Have the energy
To live the life
you want

everyone knows exercise is good for you, but the benefits of exercise over 50 are vast.
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Just for Seniors...

A process built for you


You have a goal. Stories are different. Let's meet to see where you are at.


We take the information from the consultation to create an individualized plan to fit your needs and capabilities

Supported Exercise

I am with you every step of the way.... regular in person sessions, remote sessions, regular check-ins. It is completely up to you.

Progress Check-ins

We keep track of the progress- not only to make sure we are accomplishing what you want... but to celebrate!

What impact would an exercise program have

on your life?

Leave your information and lets change your life

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Hey there! I'm Brent

Yup, I am old. Glad we cleared that up. But frankly, me being old… that is the magic here.

I know what it is like to be out of breath trying to keep up with the grandkids, super tired at the end of the day and enjoying more of the golden years from the couch than I did in the world.

Not now.  I worked with the best in our area to learn how to get myself back in shape. I have since obtained education and experience to help you do the same.

You ready?

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Custom Services
to Fit You

Get your health back

Live the life you want

Keep up with the grandkids!
Energy to rock that dream trip
Improved strength to help prevent falls
Improved cognition. Tell forgetting goodbye.

Our Clients

Don’t just take our word for it


“After a year of classes with Brent at X365 Fitness, I can say that I see a real difference in my balance and upper body strength. Classes for our group are half an hour but it is time well spent. He is great at adapting an exercise machine used to individual needs; previously I was not a fan of exercise machines. He was great in helping me follow the routines set by my physical therapist for neck and shoulder issues. I highly recommend this class; perfect for seniors. He adapts the class to fit the requests and needs of his students.”


"I am 77 years old and have been going to Brent, a trainer at X365 Fitness for 15 months, now. Best decision I have made. I had osteoporosis for so many years and my last bone density showed I now am osteopenia, a significant improvement. Docs say that almost never happens. Only thing I did different was join the gym.  Recently I had knee replacement surgery, the recovery went smoothly. I attribute this smooth recovery to going to the gym and exercising to prepare for the surgery. Thank you, Brent, for helping me so much."


"I heard, select a gym that’s close and have a friend sign up with you, a successful gym experience is promised. Then, add our Trainer Brent Howell who has made it fun and beneficial! 15 months later we rarely miss a scheduled workout; 3 days a week for 30 minutes. Health, strength, and balance have all improved. Even my bone density numbers improved! Brent has helped with my recovery from shoulder surgery too. Recommend X365 Fitness and Brent Howell."


What impact would an exercise program have

on your life?

Leave your information and lets change your life

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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit.”


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In person training is...

At the best in Salt Lake

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