Brent Howell

Lead Senior Trainer

Silver Fox Fitness Program

My name is Brent Howell, the founder of Silver Fox Fitness.

I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned and experienced on my journey to find fitness and wellness as I’ve aged. My hope is that you can find your own inspiration and motivation to achieve the goals and desires of your aging and fitness journey.

My story began about a decade ago. At the age of 55, I found myself in circumstances that I didn’t want to be in.

I FELT OLD!  I felt like I was 70 or 80 instead of my 50’s. I was over 50 lbs. overweight; I had little to no energy, passion for life, or desire to do the things I enjoyed when I was younger. My medical condition was not good. My doctor dutifully told me that I was imminently headed for diabetes and cardiovascular disease in the coming year. Asthma, that I’ve had all my life, was getting worse. And most of all my first grandchild was announced that year, and I realized that I was going to be the ‘couch potato’ grandpa. That thought discouraged me.


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Training Sessions


50 minute personalized training sessions

30 minute personalized training sessions

**Sessions are customized to your individual goals, needs and abilities

30 minute group fitness class, three times per week

** Classes are designed for three levels, beginner to advanced. Each class can be customized to the needs and abilities of the group and the individual.
** Class size is limited to eight

Gather together a group of friends and neighbors and we’ll schedule a class specifically for you.  

“After a year of classes with Brent at X365 Fitness, I can say that I see a real difference in my balance and upper body strength. Classes for our group are half an hour but it is time well spent. He is great at adapting an exercise machine used to individual needs; previously I was not a fan of exercise machines. He was great in helping me follow the routines set by my physical therapist for neck and shoulder issues. I highly recommend this class; perfect for seniors. He adapts the class to fit the requests and needs of his students.”

Cece Holt

I am 77 years old and have been going to Brent, a trainer at X365 Fitness for 15 months, now. Best decision I have made. I had osteoporosis for so many years and my last bone density showed I now am osteopenia, a significant improvement. Docs say that almost never happens. Only thing I did different was join the gym.  Recently I had knee replacement surgery, the recovery went smoothly. I attribute this smooth recovery to going to the gym and exercising to prepare for the surgery. Thank you, Brent, for helping me so much. 

Linda Schumacher

I heard, select a gym that’s close and have a friend sign up with you, a successful gym experience is promised. Then, add our Trainer Brent Howell who has made it fun and beneficial! 15 months later we rarely miss a scheduled workout; 3 days a week for 30 minutes. Health, strength, and balance have all improved. Even my bone density numbers improved! Brent has helped with my recovery from shoulder surgery too. Recommend X365 Fitness and Brent Howell. 

Darla Roberts